5 Odd Ball Tips On Bed Sheets

5 Odd Ball Tips On Bed Sheets

You ever look at your room, specifically your bed and think, “hmm, I’m a boring person.”

This may be you then, but it doesn’t have to be you now. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t going on Amazon or to a Fabric Store by the end of this article, I will be truly surprised.

Bedding can add a flaring element to your bedroom, and can also kill any spark. If you are one of those types, that just have a solid one color bedding set, well, you probably watch PBS and eat mixed fruit cups.

The point is, live a little, be creative, have fun. Enjoy life, bring it into your room. I have five sure-fire ways to sprucen up your room one tip at a time. Check them out on sticky-notes.

5) Sheet Hammock In Your Room Or Backyard

Hey, did you know that it is very easy and way cheaper to create your own hammock? Do you like relaxing, while soaking in the sun, and tipping back a mix drink on a Sunday afternoon, while catching an outdoor breeze?

Sure you, who doesn’t?

Outsidemom.com shows the newbie step by step in helping create a simple hammock. All you need is a sheet, preferably polyester or something durable and thick. Then, you will need a 3mm utility cord. The fun begins, so let’s go and build ourselves a hammock.
1. Fold over the short end to create a non-sewn hem.
2. Two inches from the edge of hem, grab fabric with your two hands.
3. Leaving a four inch tail, tie a loop with the utility cord.
4. Where your hand is, wrap the cord around the hammock.
5. Thread the end of the cord through the loop.
6. Cinch the loop down and wrap cord tightly around hammock three times.
7. Using your most trusted knot, tie the two ends of the cords.
8. Thread the webbing through by hand.
9. Whew, feel the burn yet? Take a break, I’ll see you in step 10.
10. Tie the knot in the webbing, and… repeat the; process for the other end.
There is your hammock, and you didn’t have to go buy one. See, you are already handy and two times more interesting already. Find out tip 4.

4) Build A Fort

All you need is a broom-stick, screws, a latch, some sheets, some blankets, and whatever you heart desires for creativity to add on.
Forts are a fun way to throw a slumber for you and your children. Or, just a great way to gain a little extra privacy. Add some candles to the mix, and make it an intimate encounter. Oh, you’ll need a screw gun too.
A simple google search on how to build a fort will do, since there is so many ideas and styles to choose from.

3) Everyone Needs A Makeover

That was the whole point from the get-go of this article. The makeover, the transformation. What you need to do here, is go to the thrift store, or to your grandma’s, anywhere likely that you’ll find a retro-flower designed sheet. Find a couple of them—-grandma won’t mind.
If you have embroidery skills, you can embroid a pillow and hang it up on the wall with colorful and unique designs from older fabric sheets.
You can also stitch or cut and then stitch into different spots of the current bedding to give it a little more excitement.
Use your old sheets on chair cover tops. Excellent idea to give the chair a little more flavor.

5 Odd Ball Tips On Bed Sheets

2) Buy A Sexy Pink Sheet Bed Set

So this really doesn’t require any special skills yet. Only time will tell later on in the night, if you were able to utilize any of

those “special skills.”
It doesn’t have to be Sexy Pink, I have found that a vintage Marilyn Monroe-themed sheet also flares up the sex life in the bedroom.
It’s a wonder what sexy, silky, and smooth sheets can do for a marriage or couple. So go ahead and spice things up a bit by getting you a seductive blend of sexy sheets.

1) Be A Geek and Live

Luke, I am your bedsheet! I’ve seen on Amazon quite a few cool movie themed sheets out there. Although, I am not a big Star Wars fan, I really dig the Star Wars bedsheet and bedding unit altogether.
Why not relive your past, go back to when times were easy and all was good before the adult life? Yeah, you remember watching those movies as a child, the scenes, characters you will never forget. The best way to remember and re-live those days—is by going out and purchasing a sheet set that will remind you every night when you go to bed.


Hey, you still there or did you go online or to the store because you loved these tips so much? Great. We are glad you enjoyed them and make sure you have a little odd-ball fun once in a while by adding a little humor and uniquenessS to your bedroom

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Knee Sleeves: What Are They and When to Wear them

Knee Sleeves: What Are They and When to Wear them

If you are an athlete, there are different things that you can use to help your performance be better and to support your body. Knee sleeves are something that you should consider when it comes to caring for your body and being at your best. You should get to know the compression knee sleeve and understand all that it can do for you. You should take time to learn about all of the knee sleeve options that are out there and when you should wear them. Knee sleeves can be a positive part of the lives of people like you.


Knee Sleeves are made to be worn around Your Knee

While this might seem like an obvious answer to the question of what knee sleeves are, it is important for you to understand this. If you do not like having something wrapped around your body part to support it, then knee sleeves may not be right for you. If you are looking for something that you can put in place on your body and know that it will be there to help you as you work out, then knee sleeves might be a good pick for you. You should know that knee sleeves are something that you wrap around your knee and that stay in place there until you choose to remove them.


Knee Sleeves Help to Prevent Injury

There are some things out there that have been made to be worn when a person has an injury of some kind and they are looking to protect their injured body part, but that is not what knee sleeves are and it is not what they were made to be. Knee sleeves should be worn to help protect your body from possible injury. They are worn by a variety of athletes to keep their knees safe as they workout and play.

Knee Sleeves What Are They and When to Wear them

Knee Sleeves Help You Feel Less Tired and Achy After a Workout

If you are looking for something that will help your knees to feel a little less tired and achy after you have completed a tough workout, knee sleeves can help with that. If you have knee sleeves in place on your knee as you work out, you will find that your knees will feel good when you are finished and you remove those sleeves.


Knee Sleeves Can be worn during a Variety of Exercises

You can benefit from wearing knee sleeves when you are running, jumping, or completing other types of exercise. If you play a sport, it can be helpful to have a knee sleeve in place while you are practicing for the game. Knee sleeves can be helpful when worn during a variety of exercise types.


You Can Benefit from Using a Knee Sleeve

If you are someone who has dealt with knee pain before, a compression knee sleeve could be a good pick for you. If you are someone who is afraid that something might happen to their knee while exercising, you might choose to try out a knee sleeve and see how it can help you.

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How Alcohol Raises Blood Pressure

Although it is not really clear exactly why high blood pressure occurs in the human body, there are several factors that are known to increase your risk of suffering from high blood pressure. Drinking alcohol on a regular basis is one of these factors and as such people who suffer from high blood pressure are often advised to cut down on the amount of alcohol that they consume. Alcohol contains a lot of calories and can also make you more uninhabited about the foods that you eat and so can also cause weight gain which is another risk factor for high blood pressure. Use wrist blood pressure monitor to regularly monitor blood pressure and maintain a safe way.

Raises Blood PressureStudies have shown that blood pressure will temporarily rise when you have more than three alcoholic drinks in one sitting. Although this will return to normal again after you have stopped drinking, these increases can become more common and will last for a longer period of time if you binge drink on a regular basis. Stopping drinking can lower your blood pressure but if you are a heavy drinker then you should cut down slowly rather than just stopping as this can create even more problems with your blood pressure.

Cutting down on the amount that you drink can prevent you from developing high blood pressure. Further studies have shown that people who used to drink heavily but do not anymore have no significant problems with their blood pressure, suggesting that it is a problem that can be rectified. However, if you carry on drinking heavily then high blood pressure can lead to a number of serious problems.

You may not have any noticeable symptoms that lead you to suspect that you may have high blood pressure. Very often the only way to tell for sure is to have your blood pressure taken by a medical professional. If high blood pressure is left untreated then it can lead to a heart attack or a stroke. If you have any concerns that your blood pressure may be to high then you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

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The 5 Most Famous Paintings in the World

The 5 Most Famous Paintings in the World

Here are the top 5 most famous paintings in the whole world.

#1 – Mona Lisa


#2 – The Last Supper


#3 – The Creation Of Adam


#4 – Starry Night


#5 – The Scream


What drawing and artist do you like the most? Send me an email and let me know! The first 5 who sends me an email have a surprise waiting. See you guys in the mailbox!

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3D Art – This Blows My Mind!

3D Art – This Blows My Mind!

Have you ever heard of 3D-Art before? It looks really good on video and on picture, but nothing makes it justice. You have to see it in person to truly see this unbelievable kind of Art.

Here is a Video that i Truly enjoy watching!

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Sewing Machines Art

Sewing Machines Art

If you have been interested in sewing machines and all of the things that can be done with them for awhile, then it might be time for you to go ahead and buy one. Pick up a sewing machine for yourself and watch and read some tutorials on how to use them at www.SewingAuthority.com. Once you get a hang of things, you will be sure to enjoy yourself. There is so much that can be done with a sewing machine, and when you have one in your home, you will be having some fun before long.

sewing machine7Consider Making Gifts With Your New Sewing Machine

When you have a sewing machine there will be a ton of things for you to do with it, and one of the most fun things that you can do is to make gifts. Learn how to sew doll clothes for your nieces or daughters, learn how to sew a quilt for your mother, or learn how to sew any of the other numerous things that you could make. There are truly endless possibilities when it comes to a sewing machine as janome hd3000, and you will never run out of projects to do. You will have fun creating gifts for the ones who you love, and you will also have fun making items for yourself.

A sewing machine is an item that is worth investing in, and if you want to do something good with your money, you will pick one up for yourself. Start using it and doing all of the things that you can do on it, and you will have a great time. You will feel accomplished as you learn to use it and start practicing your skills. And when you hand out homemade gifts to all of those you love, you will feel even better about buying the machine.

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Drawing a Car with Auto Warranty

Drawing a Car with Auto Warranty

If you have ever had the experience of having to pay for a major repair on your car just out of warranty, you know a great warranty can save a car buyer plenty of money. One way to make sure that your vehicle is covered with a great warranty is to buy a car that comes with one. Warranties vary among each individual automaker and model. Here are some great choices listed by the automaker.


Even though Hyundai vehicles are reliable, they come with great warranties. There is a five-year, 60,000 general warranty on the car. Plus, there is a ten-year Powertrain warranty as long as the car is not sold. And, there is a seven-year anti perforation warranty against rust or similar damage. Seems like a great consideration if you live in a snowy area.


Known for their Lancer SUV, rated tops in safety tests, Mitsubishi also supplies a five-year, 60,000 mile general warranty on a new car. It adds a ten-year Powertrain warranty for the original owner, a seven-year anti perforation warranty, and then throws in a five-year free roadside assistance program. This is a very good deal.


This is not your grandparent’s car anymore. But it is clear the grandparents were very savvy. Volvos come with a four-year general warranty. Volvos also come with 12-year anti perforation and corrosion warranty. The new car buyer also receives three years of free maintenance and four years of a free road hazard service.


All new Infinitis come with a four-year, 50,000 mile general warranty. The Powertrain is guaranteed for six years or 70,000 miles and there is an anti-corrosion warranty for seven years. The company also offers a two-year free roadside assistance program. All in all, this is a lot of insurance against any mechanical issues in the future.


The GM Buick line comes with a four-year, 50,000 mile general warranty. It also comes with a six-year, 70,000 mile Powertrain warranty and a six-year, 100,000 mile anti-corrosion warranty. The new Buicks also come with a six-year or 70,000 roadside assistance service. This is the best deal among US automakers. Buicks do cost a bit more, but they also come with a much longer warranty than most GM vehicles.


Kia offers a number of well-priced vehicles with long warranties. The new Kia comes with a five-year, 60,000 general warranty. Kias also come with a six-year anti-corrosion warranty, and a 10-year Powertrain warranty for the original owner. And, if you break down, they offer a 24-hour roadside assistance service free for six years or 70,000 miles. This little car from Korea offers much to the buyer in the warranty area.

So, as you can see, there is no need to accept the very common, but limited three-year warranty available on many new cars sold today. It is not necessary to sacrifice quality or comfort to purchase a car with a great warranty. Great deals are out there. And, this doesn’t even include buying an extended warranty, which is another option to extend the life of the warranty on your car.

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