5 Odd Ball Tips On Bed Sheets

5 Odd Ball Tips On Bed Sheets

You ever look at your room, specifically your bed and think, “hmm, I’m a boring person.”

This may be you then, but it doesn’t have to be you now. As a matter of fact, if you aren’t going on Amazon or to a Fabric Store by the end of this article, I will be truly surprised.

Bedding can add a flaring element to your bedroom, and can also kill any spark. If you are one of those types, that just have a solid one color bedding set, well, you probably watch PBS and eat mixed fruit cups.

The point is, live a little, be creative, have fun. Enjoy life, bring it into your room. I have five sure-fire ways to sprucen up your room one tip at a time. Check them out on sticky-notes.

5) Sheet Hammock In Your Room Or Backyard

Hey, did you know that it is very easy and way cheaper to create your own hammock? Do you like relaxing, while soaking in the sun, and tipping back a mix drink on a Sunday afternoon, while catching an outdoor breeze?

Sure you, who doesn’t?

Outsidemom.com shows the newbie step by step in helping create a simple hammock. All you need is a sheet, preferably polyester or something durable and thick. Then, you will need a 3mm utility cord. The fun begins, so let’s go and build ourselves a hammock.
1. Fold over the short end to create a non-sewn hem.
2. Two inches from the edge of hem, grab fabric with your two hands.
3. Leaving a four inch tail, tie a loop with the utility cord.
4. Where your hand is, wrap the cord around the hammock.
5. Thread the end of the cord through the loop.
6. Cinch the loop down and wrap cord tightly around hammock three times.
7. Using your most trusted knot, tie the two ends of the cords.
8. Thread the webbing through by hand.
9. Whew, feel the burn yet? Take a break, I’ll see you in step 10.
10. Tie the knot in the webbing, and… repeat the; process for the other end.
There is your hammock, and you didn’t have to go buy one. See, you are already handy and two times more interesting already. Find out tip 4.

4) Build A Fort

All you need is a broom-stick, screws, a latch, some sheets, some blankets, and whatever you heart desires for creativity to add on.
Forts are a fun way to throw a slumber for you and your children. Or, just a great way to gain a little extra privacy. Add some candles to the mix, and make it an intimate encounter. Oh, you’ll need a screw gun too.
A simple google search on how to build a fort will do, since there is so many ideas and styles to choose from.

3) Everyone Needs A Makeover

That was the whole point from the get-go of this article. The makeover, the transformation. What you need to do here, is go to the thrift store, or to your grandma’s, anywhere likely that you’ll find a retro-flower designed sheet. Find a couple of them—-grandma won’t mind.
If you have embroidery skills, you can embroid a pillow and hang it up on the wall with colorful and unique designs from older fabric sheets.
You can also stitch or cut and then stitch into different spots of the current bedding to give it a little more excitement.
Use your old sheets on chair cover tops. Excellent idea to give the chair a little more flavor.

5 Odd Ball Tips On Bed Sheets

2) Buy A Sexy Pink Sheet Bed Set

So this really doesn’t require any special skills yet. Only time will tell later on in the night, if you were able to utilize any of

those “special skills.”
It doesn’t have to be Sexy Pink, I have found that a vintage Marilyn Monroe-themed sheet also flares up the sex life in the bedroom.
It’s a wonder what sexy, silky, and smooth sheets can do for a marriage or couple. So go ahead and spice things up a bit by getting you a seductive blend of sexy sheets.

1) Be A Geek and Live

Luke, I am your bedsheet! I’ve seen on Amazon quite a few cool movie themed sheets out there. Although, I am not a big Star Wars fan, I really dig the Star Wars bedsheet and bedding unit altogether.
Why not relive your past, go back to when times were easy and all was good before the adult life? Yeah, you remember watching those movies as a child, the scenes, characters you will never forget. The best way to remember and re-live those days—is by going out and purchasing a sheet set that will remind you every night when you go to bed.


Hey, you still there or did you go online or to the store because you loved these tips so much? Great. We are glad you enjoyed them and make sure you have a little odd-ball fun once in a while by adding a little humor and uniquenessS to your bedroom