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The 5 Most Famous Paintings in the World

Here are the top 5 most famous paintings in the whole world. #1 – Mona Lisa #2 – The Last Supper #3 – The Creation Of Adam #4 – Starry Night #5 – The Scream What drawing and artist do you like the most? Send me an email and let me know! The…

3D Art – This Blows My Mind!

Have you ever heard of 3D-Art before? It looks really good on video and on picture, but nothing makes it justice. You have to see it in person to truly see this unbelievable kind of Art. Here is a Video that i Truly enjoy watching!

Sewing Machines Art

If you have been interested in sewing machines and all of the things that can be done with them for awhile, then it might be time for you to go ahead and buy one. Pick up a sewing machine for yourself and watch and read some tutorials on how to…